Microblading is an advanced form of makeup, therefore in order to be trained, Haley strongly feels a student should have makeup artist and/or brow shaping experience before getting into the world of permanent makeup. In order to maintain integrity and ensure that students feel confident when they have completed training, Haley takes on students one on one for a 4 day period. To inquire about becoming one of Haley's students please email with your contact info, location, previous makeup experience, social media handles and reason why you want to get into microblading.


haley's students:

• Kaili de Seixas - Honolulu, Hawaii

• Kristen Danyal - Sterling Heights, Michigan

• Vinecia Kakou - Sterling Heights, Michigan

• Riejon Akana - Honolulu, Hawaii

• Andrea Barajas - Bakersfield, California

• Linda Zazueta - Las Vegas, Nevada

• Alexandra Larsson - Gothenburg, Sweden

• Elsie Whyte - Providence, Rhode Island

• Dana Hom - San Francisco, California

• Katelyn McBratney - Kamloops, British Columbia

• Kaitlin Jones - Brooklyn, New York